50 KM  ► WAVE |  9 : 00
► WAVE B |  9 : 02
► WAVE C |  9 : 04
► WAVE D | 9 : 06
► 9 : 10 to 9 : 15



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A non-timed wave is available for this event.

Age/level categories:

► For all (beginners, intermediate, etc.);
► There is no age limit to participate in these races;

Details :

► Participants will not be officially timed;
► Participants must still wear the chip and have a bib with number for safety measures;
► Start time for open waves is not specific – participants can start their race whenever they want, within a set 5-minute block, to avoid large crowds starting at the same time;
► Results will be provided in ALPHABETICAL order with COMPLETED.


For reasons of safety and health, on Saturday skiers in the classical event who have not crossed the 30 km mark before 1:45 p.m. (an average speed of 6.3 km/h), will not be allowed to continue the race. On Sunday, skiers who do not reach the 30 km mark before 1:30 p.m. (an average speed of 6.8 km/h) will not be allowed to continue the race and will be transported to the Finish Line.



It is important to wax your skis before arriving at the event site.

In accordance with the International Ski and Snowboard Federation (FIS) and Nordiq Canada (NC) rules, the Gatineau Loppet is now a fluoro free event. As such, the usage of fluorinated glide and kick waxes is completely banned. These new rules are in line with the Gatineau Loppet’s values and guidelines regarding the protection of our environment and the health and safety risks associated with the use of fluorinated products.


Contingency plan. No bus transfers this year.



A yellow tag with your bib number will be given to you when you pick up your ski kit. Please affix this label in plain sight to one of the straps of your backpack. The bags can be left directly at room 1409-2 and will be collected by our team of volunteers at the start of the races. You can collect your bags from the “skiers’ bag room” located in room 1409-2 of École secondaire Mont-Bleu (high school). It is strictly forbidden to leave your equipment bags on the premises of the Relais plein air. We also ask that you do not leave clothing and/or other items in the departure area. Objects left in the departure area will be collected and stored in room 1409-2.


PRIZES (men and women)

► A SWIX hat will be given to all participants of the 50 km race.

► Best over-all time for each distance, men and women.

► For longer races, bursaries are awarded. The largest amounts are awarded for the FIS sanctioned race. In 2024, the following bursaries are : 

1st place : $600
2nd place : $300
3rd place : $150 


Skiers must be present to receive the bursaries or prizes. The bursaries or prizes will be awarded at the official medal ceremony (podiums) to be held at the Ski Show when the results are official at approximately 1:30 p.m. Medals must be claimed during the weekend. Results will be posted in the Ski Show and live on the web.

Medals will be awarded for each age category.